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Discover your Soul gifts, repair your karma, and help your clients or others do the same!

What's Included?

  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • Pre-recorded lessons
  • Workbook
  • Akashic Records Certificat.

This course will teach you how to access, open, read, and amend the Akashic Records for yourself and others.

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a Soul-searching ride!

After taking this course you will have everything you need to start offering Akashic Records readings in your spiritual business.

Now is the PERFECT time to uncover your Soul gifts, access your past lives, and help others connect with their Soul's purpose.

Here's my story with the Akashic Records...

When I learned how to access, read, and amend my Akashic Records, I felt a deep connection to my Soul. I was finally able to understand my calling and life's purpose. I became aware of generational patterns and self-limiting beliefs that held me back from achieving my goals, and in doing so, I gained the confidence to take aligned action to reach my highest timeline. Learning to read the Akashic Records led to life-changing realizations and profound, Soul-level healing!

Recorded Lessons

Pre-recorded lessons will guide you through each module so you can learn how to access, open, read, and amend the Akashic Records for spiritual development.

Weekly Live-video Meetings

The weekly live-video meetings will be a mix of energy healings, discussion time, card pulls, and a Q & A format. They will be recorded if you cannot make the live.

Weekly Workbooks

You will receive weekly workbooks to help you reflect and stay on track.

Client Love

"What an incredible program!!! I'm so glad I decided to pursue becoming an Akashic Records Practicioner. Stefanie's program was very detailed, organized, and so informative. I feel so confident with my skills after completing her Akashic Alchemy and accessing the records. I have seen tremendous growth from myself over the past 4 weeks with my intuitive and clarivoyance abilites, it's amazing! Stefanie has helped me to trust, have faith, and be confident. I'm still blown away with what I have discovered through the records so far and all the healing that has come from it. Thank you again Stefanie for creating a program to truly help others heal on such a deep, deep level. Grateful for you!" -Kasey G.

"The Akashic Alchemy course was such a transformational, freeing, and healing experience! Stefanie created a safe, supportive, and sacred space where I felt free to express myself. As someone who has trouble speaking in front of others, I felt so supported while sharing my experiences in the weekly live video group meetings. This course has allowed me to dance again (something I love, but haven’t done in years)! I feel lighter and more at peace, and I am so inspired to further my healing journey by continuing to access and amend my Akashic records. I absolutely loved this course!! -Shari